Diligent Patient Handling is based upon the concept of a ‘working partnership’ with the healthcare organisation, identifying areas of improvement, implementing plans and then measuring success.

Initially an overview assessment takes place establishing a baseline of issues such as knowledge, skills and health status of caregivers, activities causing physical strain, organisational processes and systems of work and issues related to the quality of care for the patients/residents.

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After this first look at your organisation, ArjoHuntleigh undertakes an in-depth analysis on the issues found using validated Diligent assessment tools. From this in-depth assessment, specific areas of concern are highlighted and a concrete proposal of possible areas of improvement is established. Details on specific outcomes/proposed savings are discussed and the Diligent guarantee is then agreed.

During the implementation phase we introduce the solution and work with you and your staff to realise the outcomes you require. During this time ArjoHuntleigh will provide a Diligent Consultant to deliver the many elements of the Diligent programme, such as:

  • Delivery of education to caregivers related to patient/resident handling equipment and manual transfers
  • Assisting the organisation with patient/resident handling protocol development
  • Advising on the correct and most suitable handling and hygiene equipment for your patient/resident population
  • Providing supervision and keeping you regularly informed of progress

Measuring success and outcomes is fundamental to the Diligent programme and in todays economic climate, also critical to the healthcare organisation. ArjoHuntleigh can offer a guaranteed return on investment, showing improvements in quality of care and quality of work, as well as financial savings and working efficiencies.

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