Diligent® Consulting is an ArjoHuntleigh initiative which implements measurable outcomes and efficiencies in care environments by fostering a culture of safety for residents and caregivers.

The Diligent programme is partnership between ArjoHuntleigh and the customer whereby the organisation is supported by a clinical consulting team to work through provision of a customised assessment and educational programme which is tailored to the needs of the individual organisation. The process of the assessment, programme implementation, consultation and measurement of pre-agreed programme outcomes can show dramatic improvements in working safety, working efficiency, quality of care and compliance with National Regulations and Standards of Care.

Healthcare providers today are facing major challenges. The requisites for efficient working practices and high quality care, together with the need to meet Government targets and professional standards are all at the forefront of every healthcare organisation’s mind. These challenges have an impact on the acute and long term healthcare sectors. Management and employees need pro-active, creative and cost-effective solutions to provide a safe working environment and effective high quality care.

The Positive 8™ and the Mobility Gallery™ form the basis for the Diligent programme, which can ethier be tailored to Patient Handing or Pressure Ulcers. ArjoHuntleigh will provide a customised programme for your organisation, establishing areas of potential improvement, assisting with the implementation of solutions and measuring the programme outcomes. 

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