The Pro-ACT solution is designed to help you improve the delivery of care through enhanced efficiencies and proactive solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow, today.

What is Pro-ACT?

Pro-ACT™ is a professional programme designed to work in partnership with our customers to deliver the very best outcomes for carers/staff and residents/patients, by understanding their healthcare facility needs and aspirations using a 3-stage process: 

  • Assess
  • Consult
  • Transform


Funding: Todays Challenge

The most common challenge facing healthcare facilities today is funding, causing many healthcare facilities to service and maintain equipment well beyond it’s recommended life. Often equipment becomes uneconomical to repair.

Pro-ACT uses an Assessment Tool to provide an insight into a customer’s Patient Handling, Hygiene and Disinfection (PHD) capability by:

  • Assessing the mobility needs of residents/patients
  • Identifying equipment gaps or surplus equipment
  • Optimising the life cycle costs of medical equipment
  • Ensuring the timely replacement of old, unreliable equipment

In addition, Pro-ACT can also record further information to assist the customer:

  • Number of pressure ulcers per healthcare facility
  • Service maintenance information
  • Sling inspection

Data can be collected via laptop or tablet and an automated report is generated for each customer highlighting key information required to provide an innovative forward thinking solution to assist you in meeting the evolving needs of your healthcare facility and enhance your delivery of care.


Assess your current needs, resources and activities.

  • Equipment Age Analysis
  • Resident/Patient Profile based on Mobility Gallery
  • Includes all equipment (ArjoHuntleigh and other Manufacturer’s Equipment)
  • Identifies equipment gaps and the appropriate mix of equipment for your resident’s/patient’s mobility and other specific issues whilst ensuring injury risk reduction for your carers/staff


Consult to develop a 5 year action plan for your healthcare facility, utilising agreed best practice guidelines and resource planning tools, to provide realistic recommendations to optimise the quality of resident/patient care and increase efficiency.

  • Works within your existing business requirements, mission and values
  • Discussions regarding appropriate care activities, including product, working space and staffing requirements for your healthcare facility
  • Consultations will assist with planning of your operational and capital expenditure and cost control
  • Flexible financing options that allow you to match the equipment you need with a payment structure that works for you (purchase, lease, rental and service maintenance contracts)


Transform your healthcare facility to optimise efficiencies and improve the quality of care.

  • Better control over your equipment and enhanced resident/patient and carer/staff safety with the most up to date product technology
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure and associated repair costs
  • ArjoHuntleigh’s full support in implementing the plan via product and clinical training
  • Multi-site reporting capabilities to ensure efficiencies across all facilities
  • Ongoing assessments to ensure the right equipment solution at the right time for the right care activity for your resident/patient population and carers/staff


Click on the Talk to us and request that an ArjoHuntleigh representative contacts you to discuss a Pro-ACT assessment of your facility. We would be happy to provide you with additional insight into what Pro-ACT involves and what to expect from the action plan.